[arch-general] Problem with suspend

Csomay Mihaly list at csomay.hu
Thu Apr 1 17:16:13 EDT 2010


I'm configuring suspend/resume on an Acer 1810TZ, but I have a small
I already set it up to suspend when I close the lid, I modified
/etc/acpi/actions/lm_lid.sh to this:
#! /bin/sh
DISPLAY=:0 /bin/su csm -c "/usr/bin/i3lock -c 000044"

It works as expected, turns off the wifi, etc., restores fine when I hit
a button.

So I would think that running pm-suspend from a terminal would work
also, but it hangs on /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/98-smart-kernel-video.
If I move that file away, it suspends, but then the screen isn't
restored on resume, it's blank.

The worst part of it is that it worked from the command line once, but
back then I didn't know that hibernating with kms-enabled intel chips
results in memory corruption, and it killed my root partition so bad I
had to reinstall. And now it's not working. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.


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