[arch-general] KVM with larger console font set in rc.conf[was ...microscoic console font...]

Nicky726 nicky726 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 05:20:54 EDT 2010

> If I let KMS happen, everything that printed to the screen before the
> kernel enabled it is gone. And if I set a larger console font, it clears
> the screen again when it enters runlevel 3... <sigh> I guess that if/when I
> choose to use KMS with a large console font, I'm going to have to settle
> for dmesg... I could even put a call to dmesg in rc.local. But it wouldn't
> be the same as watching the screen to see if any [failed] indicators
> scroll by. So whether or not I disable KMS, I'm uncommenting that tty rule
> and reinstating my echo statement. That, will at least let me keep an eye
> on my rc.local initializations. {Even with KMS & larger fonts enabled...}


try to use early KMS and keymap hook in mkinitcpio.

Ondrej Vadinsky

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