[arch-general] KVM with larger console font set in rc.conf[was ...microscoic console font...]

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Mon Apr 12 00:03:27 EDT 2010

It would appear that on Apr 11, Nicky726 did say:

<<<<< Joe said: >>>>>
> > If I let KMS happen, everything that printed to the screen before the
> > kernel enabled it is gone. And if I set a larger console font, it clears
> > the screen again when it enters runlevel 3... <sigh> I guess that if/when I
> > choose to use KMS with a large console font, I'm going to have to settle
> > for dmesg... I could even put a call to dmesg in rc.local. But it wouldn't
> > be the same as watching the screen to see if any [failed] indicators
> > scroll by. So whether or not I disable KMS, I'm uncommenting that tty rule
> > and reinstating my echo statement. That, will at least let me keep an eye
> > on my rc.local initializations. {Even with KMS & larger fonts enabled...}
> Hello,
> try to use early KMS and keymap hook in mkinitcpio.
> Ondrej Vadinsky

Oh great, another thing I gotta learn to do... <sigh> Well I did know
choosing Arch was going to make me learn a thing or two. ;-7

Actually, When I skimmed the mkinitcpio wiki, I did see something about
the keymap kook grabbing the font to use directly from rc.conf...
Which means that if I figured mkinitcpio out, and got it to load KMS
early enough to leave most of the start up messages intact, it sounds
like the keymap hook would prevent the screen from clearing again upon
entering runlevel 3... If so, It might be worth the time... It's on my
todo list. In the meantime Somebody replied off list and pointed me at
a decent set of fonts that I was even able to get via pacman. So at
least I'm not squinting at my console screens anymore.


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