[arch-general] HAL dependencies

Mauro Santos registo.mailling at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 14:59:57 CEST 2010

On 04/18/2010 12:22 AM, Rob Bean wrote:
> I've recently started using Xorg 1.8 from the [xorg18] repo to finally be
> able to get rid of HAL.  Xorg is working fine, but I want to remove the
> remaining packages that depend on HAL.
> It looks like there are only 3: gnome-vfs, gstreamer0.10-good-plugins, and
> vlc.  I can use ABS to rebuild these without HAL, but I'm concerned that
> these packages may actually need it.
> Has anyone else stripped HAL completely out of their Arch install?

My guess is that it is going to take a good while to get rid of hal for
most of us.

In my system 'pacman -Qi hal' reports exo, gnome-vfs, handbrake,
pcmanfm, thunar, vlc and xorg-server as requiring hal. The new
xorg-server does not depend on hal, it seems gnome-vfs and vlc can do
with it too, but the others I don't know and my guess is that if they
are really needed, it may take a while until upstream changes that.

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