[arch-general] HAL dependencies

Joerg Schilling Joerg.Schilling at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Tue Apr 20 13:01:39 CEST 2010

"Laurie Clark-Michalek" <bluepeppers at archlinux.us> wrote:

> > The important question is: by what will hal replaced?
> UDev

Note that people have been talking about Xorg which is a highly portable 
project. So this is most likely not correct as e.g. Solaris has no udev 
and will never introduce udev. There is the /devices filesystem since 1992...

> > If it is replaced by similar software and if the design flaws in the 
> linux
> > kernel that support problem with hal are not fixed, then I expect 
> basically
> > the same problems as before (note that I am only speaking about 
> > recording related issues).
> You can't take a single high level fault as a indication of a whole 
> software stacks uselessness. Hal works well for me - in that it does 

This is an important design fault and as it has not been fixed for many years, 
it at least let's me asume that the people behind hal are not interested in 
their users. They developed hal without looking at existing software and without
fixing the problems they created with this development model.

> what I want. UDev, which hal is build upon, has been around for 
> ages and works fine creating the device nodes for all your mounting 
> needs :) And anyway, if there is this major design flaw in the linux 
> kernel that stops you writing CDs and other media, you need to say 
> what it is, and why they should spend time, which is likely to be 
> considerable, due to the fact that architectural changes 
> implemented at the maintenance stage will always be the largest, 
> fixing a fault that annoys you, and I have never noticed...

On Solaris, hald is built on top of the state detection code inside the "sd" 
device driver and the problems seen on Linux to not exist on Solaris.
Does this mean that the problems found with hald on Linux are caused by bugs in 


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