[arch-general] stability from pm-suspend ?

Ian-Xue Li da.mi.spirit at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 16:37:56 CEST 2010

I've been using pm-suspend for temporarily shutting down the computer
for later use, but now I raised the question whether it is safe or
stable to do so at a constant basis. That is, seldom real reboots and
often just suspend.

For me the ratio of reboot and suspend is like 1:5.

As you know that suspend don't really unmount the drives to read-only
before it goes into suspension, when resumption had failed, you usually
need to repair it and check for errors. This is at least the case for me
when I use ext4.

Even if it did resume successfully, I started to wonder if it also would
harm the filesystems.

I really like to hear some experiences whether that you have been using
ACPI S3 kernel suspension for quite some time now, and feels it is
really stable and safe to use, or that, you had ran into troubles using

李彥學 (Ian-Xue Li)

A student.

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