[arch-general] gstreamer0.10-good-plugins need a whole load of GNOME stuff?

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Wed Apr 21 11:52:18 CEST 2010

On Wed, 2010-04-21 at 10:35 +0100, Nathan Wayde wrote:
> Do you mind listing these Gnome dependencies, or at least your
> proposed 
> I've looked at this and I can see only 2 (gconf and libsoup-gnome). 
> Ofcourse that is based on the assumption that the pacma dependencies
> are 
> correct(e.g good-plugins depends on x,y,z but only x is listed
> because 
> it also depends only y and z).

The GNOME dependencies involved:

I don't consider this as a big problem, and I closed bugs about it
before. The libsoup-gnome library adds proxy lookup and password lookup
functionality to libsoup. GStreamer can work without it, but it will
lose quite some functionality without it.
The gconf*sink elements in GStreamer need gconf. Without this, there's
no way to configure the audio and video element in a central place. Some
applications even ask for this specifically.
I listed the gnome-keyring dependency as optional, as it's a fake
dependency added to libgnome-keyring. libgnome-keyring needs a keyring
daemon, AFAIK the next version of KDE will also get one. In the future,
GNOME applications using libgnome-keyring can read passwords from KDE
password storage.
Libidl2 isn't a big issue either, as firefox already depends on it. I
haven't seen much Arch Linux desktop installations without firefox.

Note that the hal plugin will get removed soon. The only application I
know that could have benefit from this plugin is cheese, but that has
been ported to libgudev since 2.30.0.

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