[arch-general] Gstreamer good and good plugins without GNOME and some other dependencies

Ananda Samaddar ananda at samaddar.co.uk
Thu Apr 22 14:05:03 CEST 2010

The motivation behind creating these packages was to be able to use
gstreamer based apps without GNOME dependencies.  In my case I wanted
to be able to use XFCE's media player Parole and the Decibel Audio

Here are the packages:


Compile time support removed:

-OSS support
-ESD support - seriously does anyone really use ESD any more?
-gconf support
-aalib support
-libcaca support

Make and binary dependencies removed:

-libsoup-gnome - this is the worst culprit in my opinion

Anything else will depend on the libraries you have installed.  On my
system for example the souphttpsrc module is built as I have Midori
installed which has a libsoup dependency via Webkit.  HAL support has
not been removed. XFCE still relies on HAL I believe and  when XFCE 4.8
comes out (it won't use HAL) the HAL dependency will be removed from my
PKGBUILD.  In the mean time you can edit the PKGBUILD yourself.

I also had to split the packages as the AUR doesn't support split
packages yet.  Due to this you'll have to compile the whole source
twice unfortunately. If you use an AUR helper you'll also download
the source code twice too so you may want to run makepg manually.  I've
compiled and tested the packages on my X86-64 system and they work for
me.  As always with AUR though, ymmv.


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