[arch-general] /sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link

Thomas Jost schnouki at schnouki.net
Sat Apr 24 09:25:28 CEST 2010

On Sat, 24 Apr 2010 06:27:24 +0200, slubman <lists at slubman.info> wrote:
> Since the openssl update, whenever I install or update a package with
> pacman, I've got this message as the last pacman output line when a
> package is installed (a new package or an update)
> /sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link
> But everything runs fine AFAIK.
> I'm using x86_64.
> Does someone know where is it coming from ? And How can I get rid off
> this message ?

I have the same message on my laptop, and it is due to the libspotify
package: the libspotify.so library misses the SONAME header (see
for details).

It is possible that a library on your system also lacks this header; not
sure it's related to openssl though.



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