[arch-general] Shouldn't pacman restart dovecot after update?

Attila vodoo0904 at sonnenkinder.org
Wed Aug 4 00:51:52 EDT 2010

At Dienstag, 3. August 2010 22:35 Heiko Baums wrote:

> That's a common and necessary task of a Linux admin which doesn't need
> and in my opinion shouldn't be done by the package manager, because the
> package manager can't decide which config files I need or want to
> adjust and when I can and want to restart which daemon. Restarting
> daemons automatically by the package manager can break a lot and can do
> a lot more harm.

Here i'm be with you but this problem with restarting daemons has more to do 
that we all enjoy this rolling releases under archlinux. In a case of a 
distribution which does this not you can do this without a problem in a lot of 

> And there are definitely no messages from the package manager needed.

Before i saw this feature with the warning in zypper i would say here yes too 
but now i found this very useful because in the case of gui apps or the gui 
itself it is not even clear for me what for libs been used. I'm running opensuse 
on my laptop too and i'm often suprised after an update what for litte apps use 
what for libs.

But no question, it would more say it is nice if it is there but not a thing 
what is absolutely necessary or that it is unacceptable that we users do this by 

See you, Attila

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