[arch-general] pacman seems to leak ftp connections

mike rosset schizoid29 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 03:06:44 EDT 2010

> How would I best go about researching this? I have all the components
> right here, and it's easy enough to trigger, but I have no experience
> whatsoever in debugging libraries or C code in general.
> I could try and set up a chroot to bisect pacman /
> lib{fetch,archive,alpm} but I have no clue how good or bad random
> pacman versions interact with the rest of the system.

What I did to replicate this was create a chroot ie

sudo mkdir -p archtest/var/lib/pacman

and then test with a large group something like this

sudo pacman -Sy gnome --cachedir
$(pwd)/archtest/var/cache/pacman/pkg/ -r ./archtest/

if you need to download again you can just purge  chroot cachedir.
after that I'm not sure how best to debug libfetch possibly using
netstat, lsof and strace?

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