[arch-general] pacman seems to leak ftp connections

Mike Rosset schizoid29 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 03:54:26 EDT 2010

> After playing around i a throwaway-chroot, the problem seems to be
> libfetch >=2.30. I just modified the PKGBUILD to different versions
> (without replacing or rebuilding pacman at all).
> Libfetch 2.26 fetches files without a problem, 2.30+ fails after
> downloading 5 files while MaxInstances in proftpd is set to 8. If I set
> MaxInstances to 3, downloading fails outright (also only for 2.30+), so
> something there seems to consume 3 connections before actually
> downloading something at all.
> I'd try to break it down further, but NetBSDs CVS server isn't talking
> to me at the moment.

Ok maybe upate the bug with these results, so they have more information.

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