[arch-general] gnome-keyring and ssh without login manager

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 21:57:44 EDT 2010

On a newly-set-up "promiscuous USB" system, I've chosen to skip a DE,
and ultimately also forewent a login manager. Normally, I'd be happy
with an askpass client, but I've noticed that I cannot do without
nm-applet on this installation, and consequently have ended up with
gnome-keyring installed alongside as well. So I thought, hey, I could
make use of that thing, like I make use of kwallet with ksshaskpass on
a KDE system.

Unfortunately, after some headache-inducing trial-and-errors, it
occurs to me as if this is fat hope. The technical background is as

1) Openbox WM only + pcmanfm for desktop management

2) X is autostarted on bootup via su/inittab

3) nm-applet autoconnects to my desired WiFi without any kind of
prompting (though it did ask for a password to set up a new key the
first time)

4) gnome-keyring does not appear to be running post-startup (so we can
assume nm-applet calls it on demand only)

I do know that at least one similar issue with regards to having a
login manager, "realtime", is worked around by having the following in

session         required        pam_limits.so

So I tried something akin to that with the gnome_keyring.so stuff, to no avail.

Any chance? You tell me.


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