[arch-general] RAID Fails Due To Metadata

Carlos Mennens carloswill at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 13:12:10 EDT 2010

I noticed today I tried to create a new system using 'Software / Fake
RAID' on Arch with the 'mdadm' utility. I have not done this for a
year or so but realized that when I tried now on my new system, it
failed and then I tried it again and read between the lines...

mdadm: Note: this array has metadata at the start and may not be
suitable as a boot device. If you plan to store '/boot' on this
device, please ensure that your boot-loader understands md/v1.x
metadata, or use --metadata=0.90

So then I created my array as follows:

mdadm --create /dev/md0 --metadata=0.90 --level=1 --raid-devices=2
/dev/sda2 /dev/sdb2

Is there a way to get Grub to read / access the default metadata that
the 'mdadm' utility uses?

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