[arch-general] Free Arch Linux Shell Account

Kaiting Chen kaitocracy at gmail.com
Sat May 1 02:31:33 CEST 2010

Hi, I posted this in the forums a couple weeks ago, just thought that I
would copy it here in case anyone was still interested.

Hi, I've a couple of Linode's with spare resources so I thought that I would
offer some free shell accounts. There are three servers in total each
running Arch Linux hosted in a Newark, New Jersey datacenter.

The following packages are installed:

abs, alpine 2.00-9, anyterm 1.1.29-1, apache 2.2.15-2, aria2
1.9.2-1, aspell 0.60.6-4, bash-completion 1.1-3, bc 1.06-7, bitlbee
1.2.6a-1, boost 1.41.0-1, cabal-install 0.8.0-2, cairo 1.8.10-1, ccache
2.4-5, centerim 4.22.9-3, certificates 2010-1, cherrypy 3.1.2-1, clisp
2.48-1, cpulimit 1.1-1, cuneiform 0.9.0-1, curl 7.20.1-1, darcs 2.4.1-1,
dictionaries 2010-1, distcc 3.1-3, documentation 2010-1, dovecot 1.2.11-2,
ecl 10.4.1-1, elinks 0.11.7-3, emacs-full 23.1-5, erlang R13B04-3, fish
1.23.1-2, fontforge 20090923-2, fortune-mod 1.99.1-4, freeimage 3.13.1-1,
freetalk 3.2-4, gdb 7.1-2, ghc 6.12.1-4, ghostscript 8.71-3, git 1.7.1-1,
gnupg 1.4.10-2, gnupg2 2.0.15-1, gnuplot 4.2.6-1, graphicsmagick 1.3.12-1,
gtk2 2.20.0-2, guile 1.8.7-2, htop 0.8.3-1, icecast 2.3.2-3, imagemagick, intltool 0.41.1-1, ipsec-tools 0.7.3-2, iptables 1.4.7-1, irssi
0.8.15-1, libcups 1.4.3-2, lilypond 2.12.3-2, links 2.2-4, lua 5.1.4-4, lynx
2.8.7-2, maxima 5.20.1-3, mcabber 0.10.0-2, memcached 1.4.5-1, mercurial
1.5.1-1, monit 5.0.3-2, mysql 5.1.46-2, naim, nano 2.2.4-1, ne
2.0.3-1, nethack 3.4.3-4, nfs-utils 1.2.2-2, ngspice 20-1, nss_ldap 264-2,
ntp 4.2.6-3, ocaml 3.11.2-1, octave 3.2.3-3, openldap 2.4.21-2, openssh
5.4p1-4, openvpn 2.1.1-2, pacman 3.3.3-5, pam_ldap 184-3, pango 1.28.0-1,
parrot 2.3.0-1, perl 5.10.1-5, php-full 5.3.2-6, postfix 2.7.0-2, postgis
1.5.1-1, postgresql 8.4.3-2, python 2.6.5-3, python-jinja 2.4.1-1, python3
3.1.2-3, quota-tools 3.17-1, r 2.10.1-1, rpcbind 0.2.0-1, rsync 3.0.7-1,
rsyslog 5.4.0-1, rtorrent 0.8.6-2, ruby 1.9.1_p378-2, rxvt-unicode 9.07-1,
sbcl 1.0.37-1, screen 4.0.3-8, slrn 0.9.9p1-6, sphinx 0.9.9-1, spidermonkey
1.7.0-3, subversion 1.6.9-5, system 2010-1, tcl 8.5.8-1, tcsh 6.17.00-1,
tesseract 2.04-3, texlive 2009-1, tin 1.8.3-7, tk 8.5.8-2, tmux 1.2-2,
toolchain 2010-1, tree 1.5.3-1, ttf-dejavu 2.30-2, unzip 6.0-5, valgrind
3.5.0-3, vifm 0.5-2, vim-full 7.2.411-1, vixie-cron 4.1-11, vsftpd 2.2.2-3,
w3m 0.5.2-5, weechat 0.3.2-1, xinetd 2.3.14-5, xorg-xauth 1.0.4-1, zsh

I've omitted most dependencies to shorten that list. If a package is
requested I'll be happy to install it as long as it is reasonable and

You'll be free to run web applications in Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, etc. You
will automatically have a PostgreSQL account with the ability to create
databases and if requested you will also be given your own LDAP tree. In
addition you'll also have an email account that can be forwarded or accessed
via IMAP or POP3.

Feel free to compile software. There's also a whole slew of mathematical,
statistical, and scientific software installed so feel free to run
mathematical simulations etc.

Each server has a 3GB /tmp partition of which most likely 2.8GB will be
accessible to users who need the space temporarily (for compilation, etc.).
I'm thinking right now that I'd like to allocate 256MB to each users to
start off with and see how things work out from there.

Uptime so far hasn't been fantastic but the servers have been undergoing a
lot of changes lately so once everything is set I'm anticipating pretty good

Basically all I'm asking for in return is that if you see a security hole or
something stupid to let me know. I don't expect anyone to look for anything
at all but if something happens to catch your attention please forward your
concerns to me. Thanks.

I am offering 24MB, 96MB, and 256MB accounts. Please make a reasonable
estimate as to how much disk space you will use. You will be able to
"upgrade" or "downgrade" later but please make a reasonable estimate now
because changing that option later is a lot of work for me. Remember that
/tmp has 2.8GB and is the recommended place to do compiling and such.

If you'd like an account please reply on the list or email me at
kaiting.chen at kiwilight.com. I need your first and last name as well as your
email address. I also need to know whether or not you would like LDAP
access. When your account is created you'll receive an email with your
temporary password and the instructions for SSH'ing into your server. Please
read the information in that email carefully. Also note that the servers
have a first.last name username scheme which I really like so unfortunately
I can't accommodate custom usernames. If you have a serious problem with
this please email me and we can discuss a solution.

Kiwis and Limes: http://kaitocracy.blogspot.com/

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