[arch-general] A good twitter client for KDE

Nilesh Govindarajan lists at itech7.com
Sat May 1 17:35:25 CEST 2010

Yeah I'm reopening this topic because I'm yet to find any good twitter 
client for KDE. I was using choqok till now and loved it but recently an 
update to it broke it, now it would show read tweets as unread when I 
quit and launch it again.

Qwit isn't that much impressive because it doesn't show me number on the 

So there isn't anything except the plasmoid, firefox-echofon or 
chrome-chromed bird ?

PS: GNOME isn't installed on my machine so give clients which don't need 
GNOME libs.

Nilesh Govindarajan
Site & Server Administrator
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