[arch-general] Err... Why is gvim now conflicting with vim?

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Fri May 7 11:54:43 EDT 2010

On 05/07/2010 11:27 AM, Ray Kohler wrote:
> At the very least, I wish you would post your tech-support
> questions on the forums, which are designed for that kind of content
> (and are sadly already a bit overrun). This list, as I understand it,
> is intended as the primary means for users to communicate with the
> devs, not a help-channel. Filling it with ordinary help requests makes
> it much less useful.

You have a legit point that David (and others) should do a little 
research first before asking for help.

But your characterization of the mailing list - and your assertion that 
all tech help requests belong on the forums - are both wrong.

The list is called "Arch general", and the devs have stated the list's 
purpose as follows:

"This mailing list hosts general discusson about the Arch Linux 
distribution. Questions, problems, and new development ideas can be 
posted here."


So tech questions and requests for help, then, would seem to be 
completely *on* topic for the list.  (Although, again, people should be 
considerate enough to do some homework first (i.e., read the news, and 
search the forums, wiki, and/or google first) before posting.)  Which 
would match with what I've seen, having been an Arch user and list 
member for about 6 or 7 years now.  People have been using the list for 
questions and tech help for as long as I've been here.


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