[arch-general] upgrade issues

Wolfgang woldra at fsfe.org
Fri May 14 07:51:01 EDT 2010

I'm running Arch for quite a while on several machines. On one laptop
there were no updates applied for quite a while. It was running kde4.0
and was using hda instead of sda as harddisk device.
After applying all updates (download was roughly 1.8 GB) there are some
issues (mainly with kde 4.4.3). 
All icons are missing until I switch icon-theme. After that there are
still lots of icons missing, kde itself (eg. log-off), kde-apps
(system-management), applications (k3b) and "unrelated" apps (opera).
Also missing are the rating stars inside dolphin and gwenview (and
probably others). I reinstalled all kde-meta packages wich pulled a view
additional packages but didn't change anything.
I tried to delete $HOME/.kde4 and also tried a newly created user. I
looked at all(?) *.pacnew files. The only somehow related was kdm but
couldn't find anything else.

Any hints?
Regards, Wolfgang

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