[arch-general] starting network:fail[eth0 wasn't connected] How to enable without reboot?

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Tue May 18 14:45:41 EDT 2010

Currently my pc is a laptop. I don't use a wireless interface. I
connect to the Internet via cable broadband with a wired Ethernet
connection and DHCP... This id very reliable. I can usually disconnect
the laptop from the Ethernet cable and bring it into the livingroom
for various offline use. Then when I bring it back to my desk, all I
usually have to to is plug the Ethernet cable back in and wait a few
seconds and the Internet will start to work again.

BUT that is contingent on the Ethernet cable having been connected
during boot up. So if for example I were to boot up my laptop in the
livingroom where there isn't an Ethernet connection the boot process
will delay at the point where it's screen message says its starting
the network. Then it says it failed and continues setting everything
else up.

At this point, if I bring the laptop back to the desk, and plug in the
Ethernet cable, it doesn't automatically connect. I tried:

# ifconfig eth0 up 

but ping still doesn't find my ISP

What am I missing????

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