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Dne Po 24. května 2010 15:36:37 Keith Hinton at arch-general-
request at archlinux.org napsal(a):
> Hi all.
> I had a question about the sixty four bit port of Arch in general so
> figured this would be an okay place besides IRC to obtain any help I
> needed. I wanted to find out ruffly how much memory Arch sixty four will
> use for any program in general, regardless of GUI/console?
> I have an Intel 2 core dule  T9600 2.80 GHZ, 4 Gb of RAM installed, with a
> 320 Gb hard-drive installed in my laptop.
> I tend to put a lot of RAM aside for virtual machines specifically. At
> present due to some requirements, I'm using Arch virtually on top of a
> Windows Seven host.
> I want to put this setup later on to Linux, and for now am doing fine with
> this virtual stuff. However I should mention that the host is 32-bit at
> present, and I was curious how much RAM is used in general under pure Arch
> 64?
> I would probably attempt to alocate about 3GB from the system.
> Anyone using virtualization  and VMs heavily on any platform is aware of
> the RAM requirements, surely.
> I was just curious if I'd be making a mistake and/or if this would be
> possible?
> Thanks!
> Regards, --Keith
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I have experimentally found out, that 64 bit Linux distro uses like 40 -- 80 % 
more of RAM than 32 bit. Now it seemed to be both aplication and distro 
dependant, with Arch being on the better side. Though I've got to say again, it 
was not a benchmark, just my personal experiment.

As for me, if I had a machine with plenty RAM (that is from my perspective 
~GB), than I would choose 64 bit. If I had like 1 -- 2 GB, than I would 
definitely go 32 bit.

Hope I did understand your question right.

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