[arch-general] Building packages and more

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Tue May 25 09:06:34 EDT 2010

Hi all.
I've been looking into several packages that are not in the community repository of Arch Linux.
One is the Anope latest-stable package.
If any of you have ran an IRC server such as UnrealIRCd, wich is in arch, then you will know what Anope is.
I don't have the time at present to package Anope myself, and was intending to look at the old ANope 1.9 devel build, but that package is out of date.
What if looking at that PKGBuild isn't enough and the Anope 1.8 package breaks?
I've compiled Anope millions of times before on Arch, and other distros without problems.
But the ./Configure script requires that questions are answered with either Y's or N's in specific places at least I think, it's been some time sinse I've ran an IRC network on Linux with the Anope services package.
I wonder who the author of the UnrealIRCd package presently Is?
Another package that I wonder if anyone would be interested in seeing if it is possible for inclusion (again) because I just don't have the time to do anything with it personally, is the Citadle mail server from:
I have found that server extremely simpol to install for those who aren't used to say Postfix, and the webserver even has an intigration with that, so that say Squirlmail isn't required.
What do you folks think?
I'd like to see the Anope stable/Citadle packages someday  included in Arch.
If I had the time I'd try to build those myself.
But due to circumstances I lack the time necessary to maintaine such packages.
Does anyone have any useful feedback?
I've already read the wiki so this isn't an issue of "hasn't read documentation"
This is an issue of not having time to maintain, so why would I wish to start doing something for the Arch community and not have time to continue once began anyhow?
I love the Arch community, and although I myself am no C programmer, I still wish to help out by making useful package suggestions and such.If anyone has any great feedback on this posting please let me know, or do so off list!
You can find me on irc.freenode.net #ArchLinux as Keith-BlindUser.
Thanks again!
Regards, --Keith
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