[arch-general] new pc; keep arch installation?

Damjan Georgievski gdamjan at gmail.com
Tue May 25 10:16:32 EDT 2010

> I'm going to get a new pc, replacing my now more than 5 years old pc. I
> would like to keep my current arch installation, and hope to prevent the
> need to do a full reinstall. I like the software I have, and I like the
> configuration I have...
> Could I just put my old harddisk (which is relatively new and still OK, I
> have SMART enabled) in the new pc and reboot?

When I broke my X60s LCD I took out hte hdd and put it in a USB-HDD
box and booted it on a Asus EEEpc.
Worked just fine.

Some notes about what's needed:
 - an initramfs with usb (ehci, uhci) and usb-storage drivers
 - grub2 and fstab setup to look for filesystems by UUID
 - the Lan and Wifi would get new interface names (because of udev
persistent naming) - it doesn't matter if you use NM or wicd
 - I didn't have a xorg config file, so X did find everything
automatically (you'd need to have the x drivers installed though)

The LCD was replaced since :)

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