[arch-general] cdrtools again... yay! - Was: Burning From Command Line

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed May 26 09:54:48 EDT 2010

[about time we changed the subject]


Even given you are correct about licensing terms (which I do not care to 
dispute), currently all risk lies on the distributor.  Given many 
distributions have (perhaps wrongly) chosen not to package cdrtools, 
there is obviously some implied risk.  This is to your disadvantage. No 
amount of emails from you is going to nullify that risk.

Note that of all the people you have at some point claimed agree with 
you about cdrtools licensing, Eben Moglen is the only one to actually 
make a public statement and he did not back you up.  Even if you now say 
he was always untrustworty, given you have used him as an example of 
someone who supported your interpretation makes all other claims of 
support from other people seem less reliable.

As has been repeatedly asked, we need either 1) a public statement from 
a laywer who agrees that the license is fine, or 2) a change of license. 
   _Nothing else_ is going to be considered enough for distributions to 
consider the implied risk distributing your software nullified.  Until 
that point, any further discussion is futile.

Just to be clear, replying without 1) or 2) above is futile.
futile: serving no useful purpose; completely ineffective <efforts to 
convince him were futile>


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