[arch-general] Problems suspending since 2.6.33

Isaac Dupree ml at isaac.cedarswampstudios.org
Wed May 26 23:17:57 EDT 2010

I think ATI KMS (kernel mode-setting) was merged or enabled in 2.6.33? 
That would explain why this kernel; why the same issue happens 
suspending from the console; why that graphics-quirk doesn't work the 
same (I don't have s2ram installed since I use pm-suspend (via GNOME), 
but I guess that's what you meant in regards to -f, -p or -m).

Suspend ought to work though (did you try testing 'echo mem > 
/sys/power/state' too? I think that's mostly the same as pm-suspend 
nowadays, maybe), but it's understandable since there are new 
code-paths, if indeed it's graphics that are at issue.  If you want to 
debug I'd suggest try grabbing 2.6.34 kernel26 and -firmware from 
testing (e.g. you can download the packages from online), as there's a 
chance it's been fixed there (my Intel KMS-related issues were, for example)

Also Did you search?  A quick search for
> 2.6.33 suspend ATI Radeon HD 3600
led me to e.g. a bug here that links to an archlinux thread that 
contains a couple suggested workarounds to try (e.g. does disabling 
networking before suspending fix your resume?)
  -- those may be completely unrelated issues or then again they may not.

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