[arch-general] Burning From Command Line

Attila vodoo0904 at sonnenkinder.org
Thu May 27 01:37:17 EDT 2010

At Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010 19:18 Mauro Santos wrote:

> If the debian people are just spreading FUD as you say they are, then
> prove them wrong once and for all with hard evidence regarding the
> legal matters, then let people make up their own minds instead of
> wanting people to believe something because you say so.

This is not a one direction way because i must not believe the words of debian 

Sorry to say but until there is no decision from a law court i see this only as 
a interpersonal problem and therefore i prefer to discuss about technical 
things. Perhaps this is because i'm a former OS/2 user but what i really don't 
understand is the support for software which is a fork of old software and which 
don't support the same count of platforms as the original. Aside of this 
juristic discussions from laypersons i can't recognize for what the world need 

See you, Attila

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