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Joerg Schilling Joerg.Schilling at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Thu May 27 06:13:23 EDT 2010

Attila <vodoo0904 at sonnenkinder.org> wrote:

> Sorry to say but until there is no decision from a law court i see this only as 
> a interpersonal problem and therefore i prefer to discuss about technical 
> things. Perhaps this is because i'm a former OS/2 user but what i really don't 
> understand is the support for software which is a fork of old software and which 

In case there was no decision from a court, there is only one halfway reliable 
method to deal with the problem:

Check the claims of both parties and try to understand whether they are able to 
prove their claims with legal theories.

Debian spreads claims that are in obvious conflict with the GPL license text 
and Debian uses a GPl interpretation that would make the GPL a definitely 
non-free license acording to the OpenSource definition: 

Moglen sent me trustworthy legal theories in private at the time when he 
confirmed that there is no legal problem with the original software.
Moglen did never send a legal theory since he has a "change of views" with 
Stallman and started to claim that there is a problem. Moglen has been asked 
several time to send a legal theory for his reversed view but besides from
general unfriendlyness, he did never send _any_ legal explanation that could
confirm that there is a problem. We for this reason need to stay with his
first statements that have been proved with trustworthy legal theories and that 
confirm that there is no problem.

Other lawyers are also confirming that there is no legal problem with the 
original software and these lawyers also confirm their claims with useful legal 

So this seems to be a simple decision between pointless attacks and useful
legal theories.

BTW: Debian started to claim that there is a problem, so it is the duty of 
Debian to confirm that there is a problem. They did however never confirm
any of their claims.

> don't support the same count of platforms as the original. Aside of this 
> juristic discussions from laypersons i can't recognize for what the world need 
> cdrkit.

The world does not need any dead and buggy software regardless of it's name and 
regardless of it's initiator.


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