[arch-general] This is the "arch"-general list - Was Burning From Command Line

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu May 27 06:56:14 EDT 2010

[it is rude not to change subject lines when going off-topic...]

On 27/05/10 20:13, Joerg Schilling wrote:
 > Blah, blah, blah <paraphrased>

Seriously, stop it.   50+ messages that are entirely off-topic for the 
original question.

This is list is for discussion about Arch Linux, not for discussing the 
licensing of a package not even provided by Arch Linux.

As I already stated, the license of cdrtools is not the primary reason 
this package is not distributed by Arch Linux.  The reason any package 
is not made available officially is that none of the developers appear 
to want to package and support it.  Only in very clear cut cases has the 
distribution of a piece of software in Arch been prevented by license 

Massive off-topic thread are more of a demotivation towards cdrtools 
being supported by a developer.  We develop this distribution in our 
spare time and no-one wants to deal with shit like this.


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