[arch-general] Burning From Command Line

Damjan Georgievski gdamjan at gmail.com
Thu May 27 07:25:06 EDT 2010

>> Jörg, why don't you just change the license of your cdrtools to a
>> licensing scheme - either change every part of it to the GPL, set it
>> under a dual license or whatever - which is indisputable and doubtless
>> instead of arguing with the distributors all the time over years?
>> It's really annoying to always read your nonsense regarding the
>> licensing.
> The problem seems to be only that people believe the liensing nonsense FUD
> spread by Debian.
> Distributors who did ask their lawyers did either never change to the broken
> and illegal cod from Debian (Sun) or do again ship cdrtools (Suse).
> I still don't understand why you ask mee to introduce a "solution" for a
> non-existent problem.

You didn't create CD Recording drives either but still you introduced
a solution to the problem of writing to them. So, why should that stop
you now?

People ask you to simply dual-license it because:
 - it's almost NO effort to you
 - it will put to an END to any possible misinterpretations and
uncertainties - now and in the future
 - it will show your good will to engage in discussions
 - people might prefer GPL in some jurisdictions even if you think it's bullshit


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