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Thu May 27 13:10:36 EDT 2010

On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 07:55:24PM +0530, Gaurish Sharma wrote:

> Joerg does has few odd things maybe because he is wrong or we are
> wrong but either way; we shouldn't be rude to him.he is the reason we
> have working cd/dvd burning support on Linux. AFAIK, he is working on
> cdrtools since 1995, much before I was knew what OSS was. he gave us
> his full source code & efforts  for benefit for community much like
> other free software devs. lets give him credit for that.

+1 as well. 

Joerg may or not be a difficult person to deal with, if he is
there may or not be good reasons for that, and if there are
they are probably not my business.

Anyway, someone who has created the cdr toolset and maintained
it for 15 years will get more of my respect than whoever forks
it for whatever reason and then leaves the result to rot.



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