[arch-general] dualboot?

Stefan Husmann stefan-husmann at t-online.de
Thu May 27 16:21:42 EDT 2010

Am 27.05.2010 18:42, schrieb David Lowe:
> I'm new to Arch Linux&  Linux in general, so please excuse any newbie questions...
> Can the Arch Linux install do a dualboot installation?  I've read some documentation
> and it seems to be iffy on this point.
> Also, why are most Linux users and programmers so obsessed with Python?
> I'd much rather download Euphoria.  http://www.rapideuphoria.com
> If it's a requirement that a Python runtime be on the system, then I'd rather not install
> at all.

python is no requirement for Arch Linux itself. If you do not like it, just do not install it.
But I know many programs written in python and not a single one written in euphoria. The last
stable release of the latter was in 2007.

Regards Stefan

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