[arch-general] Network problem (router/gateway)

Vincent Van Houtte vvh at synergylaw.be
Mon May 31 03:59:50 EDT 2010

Hi group,

Sorry to bother you (normally I don't intervene in this group and
restrict myself to the forums), but I'm in a pickle at the moment:

I have a server set up to be everything for my soho: dovecot, nfs,
calendar, ldap, krb5 and also bind9 / iptables.

Since I upgraded to a new server last friday, The clients on the network
have no connection to the outside world anymore. Only the communication
through the server is working (email and newsgroups, but also ssh to the
server and then browsing in links2 works).

So, there is a problem with transferring packets. These are my
- I enter the name of the website www.google.com
- The browser gets an answer: redirect to www.google.be (this rules out
a faulty iptables config, I think)
- then my browser just sits there, waiting for packets that are not

Updating via pacman or aptitude (Debian box) also fails.

It is very hard debugging stuff like this, and using the internet to
find the answer is out of the question...

Does anyone have a clue?



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