[arch-general] Network problem (router/gateway)

Vincent Van Houtte vvh at synergylaw.be
Mon May 31 05:21:52 EDT 2010

> Just to see if I've understood you correctly:
>  - The box you upgraded is a NAT gateway/proxy for a set of internal boxes,
>    correct?


>  - Does the upgraded box have full access to both internet and the internal
>    network?


>  - Can the internal boxes communicate with the gateway box?

Yes. Internally everything seems to work: email, nfs, caldav, browsing
to other devices (printer/telephones) over port 80 and 9443. The only
*known* exception being that I cannot connect to port 631 over HTTP
(cups) on the server, while if I use ssh to the server and connect to
localhost:631, I get the admin pages of cups (albeit with every printer
URI set to file://dev/null, but that is probably unrelated behaviour).

>  - The internal boxes cannot reach the internet (e.g. Google), right?

Yes and no. It seems that I can reach them (I see in firefox' statusbar
that www.google.com is redirected to www.google.be), but I receive no
content of the pages whatsoever.

> Does that pretty much sum it up?

Yes! Thank you for thinking with me!

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