[arch-general] Network problem (router/gateway)

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Mon May 31 04:30:19 EDT 2010

On 31/05/10 08:59, Vincent Van Houtte wrote:
> Hi group,
> Sorry to bother you (normally I don't intervene in this group and
> restrict myself to the forums), but I'm in a pickle at the moment:
> I have a server set up to be everything for my soho: dovecot, nfs,
> calendar, ldap, krb5 and also bind9 / iptables.
> Since I upgraded to a new server last friday, The clients on the network
> have no connection to the outside world anymore. Only the communication
> through the server is working (email and newsgroups, but also ssh to the
> server and then browsing in links2 works).
> So, there is a problem with transferring packets. These are my
> observations:
> - I enter the name of the website www.google.com
> - The browser gets an answer: redirect to www.google.be (this rules out
> a faulty iptables config, I think)
> - then my browser just sits there, waiting for packets that are not
> coming
> Updating via pacman or aptitude (Debian box) also fails.
> It is very hard debugging stuff like this, and using the internet to
> find the answer is out of the question...
> Does anyone have a clue?

Just to see if I've understood you correctly:

 - The box you upgraded is a NAT gateway/proxy for a set of internal boxes,
 - Does the upgraded box have full access to both internet and the internal
 - Can the internal boxes communicate with the gateway box?
 - The internal boxes cannot reach the internet (e.g. Google), right?

Does that pretty much sum it up?


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