[arch-general] python3 thoughts

Auguste Pop auguste at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 07:51:38 CET 2010


Firstly, I want to state clearly that I am 100% supportive to the
python3 transition which took part in Archlinux a month ago.

I installed libreoffice from extra today to replace go-openoffice. And
all of a sudden, python is no longer required by any package at all. I
checked the dependencies of openoffice, go-openoffice, and
libreoffice, it seems that openoffice depends on python2,
go-openoffice depends on python, and libreoffice goes back to depend
on python2 again. In fact, the "required-by" list of python on the
package website is quite short.

Ideally, python2 packages will migration to python3 and the package
python will be required again one of these days. I am just wondering
if this change would actually happen in the future. When I tried to
learn python several year ago, I felt a very strong reluctance from
the python community to moving on to python3 and the split of language
drove me away. After all these years, python developers are still so
unwilling to move on to the new system.

I hope python3 won't die this way, so that all the previous efforts in
transition to python3 will not go in vain. Maybe we just took the
transitional leap too early when nobody is ready except us.

Best Regards,

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