[arch-general] python3 thoughts

Auguste Pop auguste at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 19:46:41 CET 2010

The transition is indeed smooth, as least for me. I am just worrying
that maybe most python utilities will remain using python2 for a
rather long time.

Considering the incompatibility in the fundamental print
function/statement, I seriously doubt the number of python2 packages
that can run under python3 without any modification.

Most python programmers are clearly not so interested in the
bleeding-edge technologies. That's what makes me frustrated as an Arch

Best Regards,

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> On 11/12/10 01:51, Auguste Pop wrote:
>> ...
>> I hope python3 won't die this way, so that all the previous efforts in
>> transition to python3 will not go in vain. Maybe we just took the
>> transitional leap too early when nobody is ready except us.
> As you note, "nobody is ready except us" -- we are ready -- the pain is
> not very much.  On the flip side, the little pain that we do feel is a
> really valuable offering to the other more conservative distros: they
> get to see how it was for us and what the biggest pain points are in
> practice.
> You're also (I think?) making a good point that, at least where upstream
> projects written in python can run on python3, we as packagers should
> proactively package them to do so.  We should be conscious if we're
> letting them languish in the doldrums of 2-ness untended.
> -Isaac

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