[arch-general] What's happening about libdjvu?

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 21 07:47:19 EDT 2010

On 21/10/10 21:38, Auguste Pop wrote:
> Hi,
> The package djvulibre now conflicts and provides libdjvu, and libdjvu
> disappeared from the repository.
> However, judging by the files they provide and the PKGBUILD cached in
> my abs directory, I don't think they are the same thing. djvulibre
> does not provide the dynamic linked library as libdjvu does and thus
> may break other application depending on libdjvu. For instance,
> /usr/lib/evince/3/backends/libdjvudocument.so from evince package
> links to /usr/lib/libdjvulibre.so.21, which would be removed if I
> update the system to allow djvulibre to replace libdjvu.
> What's happened to the libdjvu package? Why is it removed from
> repository? Should I file a bug report?

The new package looks to contain that library to me...

[allan at gerolde ~]$ tar -tf 
/srv/ftp/extra/os/i686/djvulibre-3.5.23-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz | grep usr/lib

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