[arch-general] What's happening about libdjvu?

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 21 11:22:58 EDT 2010

Am 21.10.2010 15:56, schrieb Auguste Pop:
> I noticed this by compiling the package myself... When I sent this
> mail, the web page was not updated and I saw an old list of files that
> did not contain the .so file. I should have tried it first rather than
> relying on a presumably delayed response on the web site. Sorry for
> the false alarm.

The update of the file list in the web interface might be delayed
compared to the update of the package data itself.

Dan, what can we do here? Should a version mismatch between $repo.db and
$repo.files cause archweb to discard the file list, stating that "There
is currently no file list available for this package", or should archweb
print a warning "This is a file list from an older version of this
package and might differ from the current package". Is anything like
this already done in archweb? Should it?

Right now, the delay between updating the package info and the file list
can be (in the worst case) little over 24 hours. Given that our packages
update and change frequently, I think we should avoid confusion like in
Auguste's case.

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