[arch-general] Screen goes black after installing latest nvidia driver

Partha Chowdhury partha at gmx.us
Mon Oct 25 22:48:30 EDT 2010

Thank you everyone for your replies. 

>From last night, I have tried different versions of kernel + Nvidia
driver to pinpoint the bug, and the culprit is the whole 260.x.x series
drivers. Every driver from 180,195 and 256 series works fine on any kernel
version. but the 260.19.04,260.19.06,260.19.12 does not work with any
combination.Guess the 260 series does not like the 8400GS card (:.

On searching the nvidia forum, i see many regressions with 260 series
drivers.I use the nvidia solely for VDPAU otherwise i can use the
intregated card with nv or nouveau and kick the last closed-source out
of my box .

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