[arch-general] ArchBang and other derivates resemblance to Arch

Ng Oon-Ee ngoonee at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 04:12:33 EST 2011

On Mon, 2011-02-07 at 11:07 +0200, Ionuț Bîru wrote:
> On 02/07/2011 10:51 AM, Olivier Keun wrote:
> >
> > What are your thoughts about this? I'm hoping to get an official reaction
> > from our dev-team, so we can avoid some of the confusion that is present
> > now.
> >
> there is nothing wrong with this distro and others distros that have 
> arch as a base.
> Is good that the users are interested in this spins and that are 
> discussions about them on our forum.

Would this mean modifications need to be made on our forum policy (as
cited by Olivier?). 

Personally I see ArchBang as similar enough to Arch that most
help/problem-solving is probably pretty identical. Its not the same as
Chakra was, after all. But clear policy helps.

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