[arch-general] who wants to write me a relatively simple webapp?

Tom Willemsen tom.willemsen at archlinux.us
Sat Feb 19 17:58:23 EST 2011

> well I think it would be best to have a table that shows for each value of each criterion, the last succesful state (if known)
> so, for example:
> criterion ---- last known state
> Arch:
> - i686         OK on 2011.02.10 (tested by $user)
> - x86_64       OK on 2011.02.05 (tested by $user)
> - dual/i686    not tested yet
> - dual/x86_64  FAILED on 2011.01.25 (tested by $user)
> Image type:
> - Core         OK on 2011.02.10 (tested by $user)
> - Netinstall   OK on 2011.01.18 (tested by $user)
> and so on (see my first mail for all criteria)
> So, since every test report is a combination of reports for specific things (like "i tested an install with the i686 core image, with manual partitioning, ntp clock setting, etc etc and it worked fine"), but it will cause updates for various properties in the table above.
> Dieter

Won't that get troublesome though?
I mean, someone tests it with i686, core, automatic partitioning and it
works, but then someone tests it with i686, net, automatic partioning and
it doesn't. At this point i686 will have worked, core will have worked
and automatic partitioning will have worked, but only net won't have.
But then someone might test it with x86_64 and that does work (ok so
maybe using the core/net difference might be a bad idea? sorry) then net
will have worked too, but not on i686 which might not be apparent from
this data.
Or am I just being picky?


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