[arch-general] how to perform selected gnome installation with pacman?

jesse jaara jesse.jaara at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 02:31:33 EST 2011

You can use gpm nouse daemon too in tty its very usefull. Just pres the
button and select wanted text and yhen press the midle mousebutton to paste.
It also works from tty1 selected ,paste to tty2 :-D alaa double click
selwcts wordif i remember right
On 19.1.2011 9.08, "Juan R. de Silva" <juan.r.d.silva at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Jan 2011 14:35:34 +0800, Ng Oon-Ee wrote:
>> On Wed, 2011-01-19 at 06:23 +0000, Juan R. de Silva wrote:
>>> Boy, what's an opportunity to exercise my typing. I'm working in tty
>>> now. :-(
>>> Is there any way to use cut-and-paste to compile the list and then to
>>> copy it into a command line?
>> You could pipe the list of installed packages (from pacman.log or from
>> pacman -Qg) to a file and then edit it with vim.
> Thanks. This is for sure better then my first shot.

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