[arch-general] Syslinux Installer / Update Script - Testers Needed

Madeye archlinux at paranoidix.dk
Wed Jan 19 08:54:57 EST 2011

On Sat, 15 Jan 2011 21:52:03 -0500
Matthew Gyurgyik <pyther at pyther.net> wrote:

> Hello Community,
> Over the last few weeks I have been working on Syslinux support for
> the installer. With the help Thomas and Dieter I am nearing the
> completion of this project. As part of this project, I have written a
> script that will help install and update Syslinux (similar to that of
> grub-install).
> Some key features of the script: syslinux-install_update.sh
> * Install Syslinux to the FS + Partition Boot Loader (extlinux
> --install /boot/syslinux)
> * Install Syslinux MBR
> * Detect and optionally set the boot flag on the boot partition
> * Update Syslinux – copy files and execute (extilnux --update 
> /boot/syslinux)
> * Support for GPT disks
> * Support for RAID configurations
> The goal is to include this script in the official Syslinux package. 
> Therefore we need your help to test it.
> syslinux-install_update.sh -i -a -m ..... install Syslinux, set the
> boot flag (if needed), and install the MBR
> We need tests for the following setups:
> / + /boot on the *same* partition
> / + /boot on the *same* partition - RAID
> /boot + root on *separate* partition
> /boot + root on *separate* partition - RAID
> All of the above using but using the GPT partition layout
> NOTE: This is an alpha/beta stage script. The script modifies the
> first 440 bytes of the disk (using dd) and the partition table (using
> either sfdisk or sgdisk). Although the script should be safe to run,
> I am not responsible for any data loss that may occur.
> Let us know the following:
> * Did the script work for you?
> * What was your partition setup? (see above)
> * What version did you use?
> * If the script did not work, please provide as much information as
> possible
> Get the script here: https://gist.github.com/772138
> Syslinux Sample Config File: 
> http://projects.archlinux.org/svntogit/packages.git/plain/syslinux/trunk/syslinux.cfg
> The Syslinux package in testing includes the above configuration file.
> Cheers,
> pyther

Just ran the script on my virtualbox archserver. And afterwards on a
virtualbox archlinux.
Unfortunately it's not working. I get the error:

Could not find /boot/syslinux
is /boot mounted? Is syslinux installed?

I only installed package syslinux and then ran the script. 
./syslinux.sh -i -m -a

The usage mentions the use of a -c switch, but this does not change
anything. Actually I can see it tries to find the path //boot/syslinux
when using -c /
Guess the switch is only used when you want to install on a mounted
chroot system.

I am running the script from within the system I wish to install it on.

pacman -Q syslinux returns
syslinux 4.03-1

The folder /boot/syslinux in reality does not exist in the system yet.
So that is probably the reason for the error I get.
Is it intentional that the script checks for /boot/syslinux? or should
that have been just /boot?

If you need additional information, just let me know.


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