[arch-general] Syslinux Installer / Update Script - Testers Needed

Matthew Gyurgyik pyther at pyther.net
Wed Jan 19 11:48:59 EST 2011

On 01/19/2011 08:54 AM, Madeye wrote:
> Just ran the script on my virtualbox archserver. And afterwards on a
> virtualbox archlinux.
> Unfortunately it's not working. I get the error:
> Could not find /boot/syslinux
> is /boot mounted? Is syslinux installed?
> I only installed package syslinux and then ran the script.
> ./syslinux.sh -i -m -a
> The usage mentions the use of a -c switch, but this does not change
> anything. Actually I can see it tries to find the path //boot/syslinux
> when using -c /
> Guess the switch is only used when you want to install on a mounted
> chroot system.
> I am running the script from within the system I wish to install it on.
> pacman -Q syslinux returns
> syslinux 4.03-1
> The folder /boot/syslinux in reality does not exist in the system yet.
> So that is probably the reason for the error I get.
> Is it intentional that the script checks for /boot/syslinux? or should
> that have been just /boot?
> If you need additional information, just let me know.
> BR
The script intentionally checks for /boot/syslinux because com32 modules 
get copied their.

Syslinux from testing contains an example config file, 
/boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg, therefore creating /boot/syslinux. You can 
either install the syslinux package from testing or you can mkdir 
/boot/syslinux and create syslinux.cfg 
Make sure to edit the kernel options (root, nomodeset, etc..) in the 
config file.


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