[arch-general] Rail Model font for coders

Yaro Kasear yaro at marupa.net
Sat Jan 22 11:20:59 EST 2011

On Saturday, January 22, 2011 05:23:13 am 
hare_krsna_hare_krsna_krsna_krsna_hare_hare_hare_rama_hare_rama_rama_rama_hare_hare at lavabit.com 
> > Can someone stop him from spamming our inboxes ?
> Meeku:  "our" means the whole mailing list.  You should have used the word
> "my" and if you are a closet racist by condemning me from participating on
> this open mailing list then it does not do Arch Linux's reputation any
> good.

How does pointing you out to be a spammer make him a racist all of a sudden?

I smell troll.

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