[arch-general] When will Arch switch to Systemd

Heiko Baums lists at baums-on-web.de
Wed Jan 26 13:31:37 EST 2011

Am Wed, 26 Jan 2011 00:13:56 -0700
schrieb Brendan Long <korin43 at gmail.com>:

> So the ALSA drivers don't do what they're supposed to and that PA's
> problem? If it doesn't work on your card, don't use it. It's why I
> don't use OSS on my laptop. And remember, what I was replying to was:

This is not ALSA's problem. This is a known PA issue. See the PA
bugtracker. And I'd suggest informing yourself about those ice1712
based audio cards, how they are designed, how they work and how PA
works. And install envy24control and PA's mixer and see the differences
and see why PA can't be used for ice1712 cards.

They are not comparable to usual sound cards like SoundBlaster, because
they don't have Stereo or Surround sound. They just have several single
input and output channels which can be mixed however you want. And this
is just not supported by PA. But it is fully supported by ALSA and

> If your ALSA drivers are broken and don't support the feature PA uses,
> then don't use it. It doesn't make it bad software.

Don't put the blame on other people. PA may work with usual sound
cards. It does not work with professional and semi-professional sound

And if ALSA would be indeed the reason why some PA functions are not
working, why doesn't PA's upstream file appropriate bug reports to
ALSA's upstream or why doesn't PA's upstream doesn't implement those
features in a way that they work with ALSA as it is?

And ALSA is the much older package. PA the newer which sets itself on
top of ALSA. So why do PA's upstream or PA enthusiasts blame the older

Some question too much.

Btw., I, of course, don't use PA, because it doesn't work while ALSA is


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