[arch-general] hwclock and openntpd

F.Gr. francesco.groccia at poste.it
Sat Jun 4 04:24:22 EDT 2011

Jan de Groot :

> On Sat, 2011-06-04 at 03:06 -0400, Yclept Nemo wrote:
> > Perhaps openntpd does not set the hwclock. Therefore, should
> > openntpd be used in conjuction with the hwclock daemon? 
> That's true, and that's also the reason why Openntpd doesn't play
> well with Xen where all guest VMs will take over the clock from the
> host VM. With the normal ntp distribution that works, but with
> Openntpd you need something to push the changes to the hwclock.

I've put the following in my /etc/rc.local:

(sleep 180 && ntpd -qg && hwclock --adjust && hwclock --systohc) &

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