[arch-general] Anybody else have problems with the new Nvidia drivers (275.09.07-1)

Richard Schütz r.schtz at t-online.de
Sun Jun 19 05:37:56 EDT 2011

Am 19.06.2011 04:07, schrieb Armando M. Baratti:
> Em 18-06-2011 05:03, Richard Schütz escreveu:
>> I don't think so. Epiphany is based on WebKit these days. And because I
>> can trigger the bug in EOG (Eye of GNOME) it doesn't look like a browser
>> problem for me at all.
>> Perhaps it is a problem of GTK together with nvidia 275.09.07. I tried
>> feh (a simple X11 image viewer that doesn't use GTK or Qt) and it works
>> fine without flickering, artifacts or something else strange.
> I think you're right. I've downloaded and opened the file with some
> image viewers: geeqie / fotoxx / gimp are fine, but gthumb froze
> (eventually freezing xorg with it).

Not all viewers trigger the bug, that's right. There surely is a small 
difference in the way the image is shown.

> By the way, opening other images, even bigger than yours, on gthumb
> worked without a glitch. It seems that there is something related
> specifically to that image involved in the freezing.

As I wrote in my first post: it's the width of 2047px. You could take 
every picture with that width. The effect gets stronger with more height.

> nvidia 275.09.07-1
> nvidia-utils 275.09.07-1
> geeqie 1.0-5
> fotoxx 11.06.1-1
> gimp 2.6.11-5
> GeForce 8600 GT

nvidia 275.09.07 (x86_64) on GeForce 8600 GT here. I heard that older 
versions of the nvidia driver should be fine, but had no time to test it 

> Armando

Richard Schütz

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