[arch-general] Dropping Oracle OpenOffice

Linas linas_fi at ymail.com
Thu Mar 10 19:33:25 EST 2011

Ng Oon-Ee wrote:
> Dedicated to the relatively-closed and more-constrained version of whats
> in the repos. Sure =)
> The distros have jumped fast, but I'm wondering about the Windows users
> of openoffice, seems to me none of them would try libreoffice just
> because its there (and frankly the politics of the thing just doesn't
> cut it with most users in that camp). Idle thoughts...

Their problem is that they don't have an upgrade path.
Distros can (and should) show libreoffice-X.Y as updates to openoffice
so the update can go smoothly. But Windows users don't have that.

I installed libreoffice on windows today at work. OpenOffice had warned
me about a new version and only after it had downloaded and extracted
everything and it opened the installer splash screen with the Oracle logo
did I notice. I cancelled the install and went to libreoffice.org, but
most users
won't be aware of the issue and so will continue using the Oracle version.

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