[arch-general] New Kernel - Virtualbox VM kernel crash on shutdown

Aljosha Papsch joschi.papsch at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 29 11:38:38 EDT 2011

David C. Rankin wrote:


>  kernel26- running in a virtualbox vm is causing a kernel crash on 
>shutdown. The full screen of the crash is here:
> http://www.3111skyline.com/dl/arch/bugs/kernel/vbox-crash-on-shutdown.jpg
> The Call Trace: shows the likes of:
> shrink_dcache_for_unmount_subtree
> shrink_dcache_for_unmount
> generic_shutdown_super
> <snip>
>  I'm not great at reading the screens, so if you are interested in the full 
>error, it is shown in the link about.
>  Has anyone else found a workaround?
> -- David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

Are you sure it's a kernel bug? Your screen says segmentation fault in umount, 
so there must be some bug in that tool, not linux. Also, if the kernel panicks, 
the system won't shutdown at all.
BTW, I recommend using png files instead of jpg. :)

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