[arch-general] New Kernel - Virtualbox VM kernel crash on shutdown

Paulo Santos paulo.r.santos at sapo.pt
Tue Mar 29 13:48:23 EDT 2011

C Anthony Risinger wrote:
> btw, have you tried KVM + libvirt[virtmanager/<insert one of several
> good webapps>]?  there are a lot of great options out there now -- i
> haven't had a single issue with my local KVM setup, and am in the
> process of moving my companies infrastructure to it as well (+ some
> LXC goodness) ... when i used vbox it was nice, but ... yeah :-)


Just to vouch for KVM + libvirt (and virtmanager). Implemented it in my
company a month or so ago, longer ago personally, and works like a charm. :)

Paulo Santos

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